Gender Affirming Care

Gender Affirming Care


Resources for General Practitioners and other health professionals

Find clinical guidelines, medication protocols, patient information, and other resources to support gender affirming care & inclusive practice.

Clinical Care

Position statement on the hormonal management of adult transgender and gender diverse individuals (Aug 2019). Cheung A.S. et al. Medical Journal of Australia, 211(3). 

Protocols for the Initiation of Hormone Therapy for Trans and Gender Diverse Patients (2017) V 1.0, Equinox Gender Diverse Health Centre VAC, Melbourne, Australia.

Australian Standards of Care and Treatment Guidelines for Children and Adolescents (2018) V1.1, Telfour M.M. et al. The Royal Childrens Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

Care of the Transgender Patient (July 2019), Annals of Internal Medicine, American College of Physicians, USA.

Clinical Practice Guidelines (Nov 2017), Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, The Endrocrine Society, USA.

Summary and Guidelines for Gender Affirming Health (Oct 2018), Oliphant J et al. Transgender Health Research Lab, Uni. of Waikato, New Zealand

Standards of Care (2012)World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

Transgender Health Injection Guide produced by Fenway Health, USA.

Patient Information

Typical changes from gender affirming hormones.

Informed Consent for Feminising Hormone Therapy

Informed consent for Masculinising Hormone Therapy